The Silver Route Hike

New and different. This trail, in two sections, traverses the Sierra Madre following the route established by mule trains last century carrying silver from Batopilas mine. Planned for June and September.

Copper Canyon Train


A hike along the historic Silver Route is planned for 2009. This 120-mile trail across the sierra was carved into the rock by hundreds of mule trains carrying silver bars from the famous silver mine in Batopilas to Carichi on the eastern slopes and onward to Chihuahua City. I plan to offer two 5-day routes along this route. The first is the high elevation route from Carichi to Pilares Station (near Creel), and the second is the descent from Creel to the bottom of Batopilas Canyon. We traverse varied mountain terrain occasionally passing through Tarahumara settlements. We carry our own provisions and at night we look for a campsite near water. For more details call or email me.


Email or phone Jim Glendinning for more information.            432.837.7320